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In today's competitive job market, your resume must stand out! As businesses continue to operate with smaller budgets and smaller workforces, your job search is apt to become all the more challenging.

Today unlike in the past, resumes that flood into Human Resources departments are not read by people. They are read by machines that match keyword terms and sought-after skills to specific job requirements.

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This makes it critical that your resume and cover letter be optimized with these keywords so they can filter through the machine reader and land on an actual person's desk.

In this challenging environment, RESUME VISIBILITY will differentiate you from hundreds of other job applicants who are competing for a limited number of job vacancies. That's where our 20 years of experience helping our clients be effective in their job search can help you to be successful in yours.

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The experts at RESUME VISIBILITY will create a search-engine optimized, attention-grabbing resume and cover letter that will land you more interviews. And, our specialized job search tools and career coaching services will help you apply for job openings, take advantage of career networking opportunities, prepare for and ace the interview, send follow-up thank you letters, carefully consider the terms of a job offer, negotiate compensation, benefits and employment terms, and accept the offer.

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